The world's first fully tokenized peer-to-peer transportation platform being built on the blockchain... solving today's urgent problems plaguing the industry.
Drivers Earn More Money,
Riders Have More Options.
How Are We Different & Better Than Uber/Lyft?
  • Higher Pay: Incentive programs to earn up to 100% of fares.
  • Equity: Special program for drivers to earn equity.
  • Safer:  Solutions for dashboard cam monitoring.
  • Crypto Friendly: Pay with tokens option and get bonuses.
  • Rate Offers: Save money by bidding on certain rides.
  • Rewards Program: Special affiliate mining program to earn free rides.
  • And Much More...
Our Story
BitiCar was conceptualized by Latin music entertainer and serial entrepreneur, Tobias Rene.  Tobias is an avid ride sharing patron averaging up to 100 Uber/Lyft rides per month.  Since relocating to Hawaii from his home state of New Mexico, he's enjoyed the convenience of ridesharing to get around his Waikiki beach community.  He prefers using Uber/Lyft over driving because of the "no brainer", hassle free and economical advantages ridesharing provides.  He also loves the green impact it has on the environment.

Despite of all the advantages reaped from this convenient way of getting around, Tobias couldn't ignore the sad fact that most Uber/Lyft drivers were just straight up, underpaid and undervalued.  Tobias feels that these drivers deserve more especially since they are providing such a valuable service, not to mention responsible for the safety of countless lives.  There are also many wish list items Tobias hopes to see manifest in the world of ridesharing such as...

- faster and more secure transactions using blockchain technology
- internal tokenized ecosystems
- peer to peer pricing options
- rewards programs for customers and drivers
- safety dashboard cam monitoring systems
- driver equity options and 
-the use of A.I. (artificial intelligence) to increase safety allowing drivers to use voice commands instead of having to focus on their mobile devices during trips.

The problems with the current ridesharing platforms became an immediate opportunity for Tobias and his team to get to work on developing the solution the world has been waiting for.

BitiCar is now in its full development stage and will begin Beta testing during the upcoming  launch this year.  The specific region/market for Beta testing will be announced soon.  Rather than waiting for the whole platform to be completed with all the bells and whistles in place, BitiCar will launch one phase at a time, first focusing on drivers profitability and customer satisfaction.  Once BitiCar is established as the industry leader in providing the best opportunities for drivers while excelling at customer service, the company will then begin to roll out all the goodies.
The Goodies On The Horizon
  • Blockchain Technology: Our app will eventually run on its own secure blockchain making transactions safer, faster, and less expensive.
  • Internal Tokenized Ecosystem: Our app will have its own digital token called "Biticoin" that will offer rewards and incentives for usage.
  • Generous Rewards: Our program will have the best reward programs in the industry for both drivers and customers.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Our app will use state of the art, artificial intelligence to communicate with drivers increasing safety by allowing total hands free menu selection and operation.
  • Safety Solutions:  Our platform will offer a dashboard cam monitoring feature.
  • Mining: Our platform will soon offer a highly incentivized mining program where both drivers and customers can earn tokens "Biticoins" by promoting the service.
Our Team

Tobias Rene

Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Tobias is a successful business man, serial entrepreneur, and also a Latin music entertainer with thousands of loyal fans throughout the southwest part of the U.S.  He is an avid ride sharing customer, and a huge advocate for peer-to-peer industries. He believes in ride share so much that it is currently his main form of transportation. In addition to his fame in music, his innovative excellence has caused him to launch several successful businesses and global brands.

Justin Specter

Chief Operations Officer
Justin brings nearly 20 years of experience as an operational management professional and business owner. For the last 3 years, he has also served as a driver for many of the top ride share and app-based delivery platforms, including Uber, Lyft, Door Dash, Postmates, and Grub Hub. Justin has extensive sales, human resources, customer service, and management experience. He demonstrates great passion and enthusiasm in sharing the BitiCar experience with both drivers and riders.

Michael Tyau

Chief of Staff
Michael is a retired public service company executive and former Uber driver. Michael oversees the internal flow of communications between staff and management. As a former Uber driver, Michael empathizes with the low driver compensation happening in the industry and is passionate about fixing it.

Josh Oxentenko

Director of Development & Technology
Josh is an information technology expert. He is currently active duty US Army specializing in information technology. He is proficient in coding, block chain, networking and information security.  

Tinde Talo

Investor Relations
Tinde is an executive networking specialist with over 10 years of experience. She has established a large circle of professionals and business executives both domestically and internationally. She is passionate about advancing new technologies and gaining exposure and visibility for new brands and startups.

Benjamin White

Business Development
Ben is an army reserve officer and civilian with more than 25 years of leadership and operational experience.  He has previously held high executive positions for three Fortune 500 companies.
Our Legal Counsel

Louis Amatucci

Outside Counsel
Mr. Amatucci serves as the Managing Partner of Centarus Legal Services, PC, Centarus Business Consultants, Ltd, and CBC Due Diligence Services. He is a corporate, securities, and regulatory defense attorney who has more than a decade of legal experience and more than fifteen years of prior management and executive level business experience at a number of large national and multinational corporations.
Our Rideshare Consultants...

The Rideshare Guy

Harry Campbell is the industry's leading authority when it comes to solving problems and offering solutions.  His popular blog The Rideshare Guy reaches over 100,000 Uber & Lyft drivers per month.  

There is no one who has spent more time reading, researching and analyzing the industry than Mr. Campbell. 

BitiCar has and will continue to retain Mr. Campbell's consulting services in the future... WE LISTEN TO THIS GUY!
Our App Developers...

Suresh Choudhary

App Development Manager
Suresh is the head business development manager at Blockchain App Factory in Chennai, India.  His team of over 20 blockchain experts, software engineers, and app developers are amongst the top and most sought after in the world.  
The BitiCar App Development Team In Action:

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